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CAME.,   Volume(1) - Issue(1), 2015
pp 37 - 60,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/came/2015011005

Performance Analysis and Heat Transfer Studies on Protruding Surfaces of Electronic Components

R Sivasubramaniyam;K Maniysundar


Due to intensification of heat transfer from aerospace and automobile vehicles, gas cooled nuclear reactors, cooling of electronic components are very much desired. The cooling of electronic components continues to be an active branch of heat transfer investigation. Due to wide applications and miniaturization of electronic components an efficient cooling technique is needed. Normally this is achieved by extended surfaces (FINS). The present investigation is aimed at studying the forced convection thermal characteristics of circular pin fin, the effect of pin fin spacing in both stream wise and span wise directions and the rate of heat dissipation from the heat exchanger fort. Different air flow rates are examined while maintaining low viscous losses and are investigated. For this investigation base plate of 0.3 X 0.25 meter and pin fin having the height of 0.160 meter and 0.008-meter diameter are built and used. During the trial number of geometric and flow parameters have been varied and its performance were studied. From the experimental result and numeric values heat transfer coefficient increases with increasing mass flow rate in both stream wise and span wise direction. Construction and calibration of wind tunnel, pin fin assembly, and measuring devices are also discussed in this paper.


Heat transfer, Heat exchangers, Pin-fins, Thermal systems, Fluid flow.

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