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CAME.,   Volume(1) - Issue(1), 2015
pp 19 - 29,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/came/2015011003

Fabrication and Characterization of Al-SiCp-Fly Ash Composite using Stir Casting Process

Sakthi Vijay;S Senthil Murugan


Metal-matrix composites (MMCs) have emerged as potential alternatives to conventional alloys in terms of high-strength, wear resistance and stiffness applications especially in automotiveindustries.The present work is focused on the study of mechanical characterization and microstructural behaviour of pure Aluminum - Silicon carbide (SiC)p - fly ash composite produced by stir casting technique. Here the combination of composites investigated is 3, 6, 9 wt. % of SiC and the 2 wt. % of fly ash as constant for all the combinations. The composites were tested for hardness, tensile strength and dry sliding wear behaviour. The pin on the disk apparatus is used to analyse the wear rate of the composite. The results show improved hardness, tensile strength and wear resistance with increase in percentage of SiC up to 6 wt. % of SiC and it tends to decrease while SiC wt. % increases and fly ash wt. % remains constant. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) image indicates better bonding between matrix, fly ash and SiC particle with no fracture initiation at matrix particle interface. 


Pure aluminum, SiCp, Fly ash, MMC, Mechanical characterization, SEM.

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