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CAME.,   Volume(3) - Issue(1), 2017
pp 7-22,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/came/2017011002

Effect of Process Parameters on Surface Finish and Material Removal Rate in Radial Drilling Process

Balaraju Jakkula;M Govinda Raj, Ch.S.N Murthy


In the present situation, the increase in the production and the increase in the quality of the machinery equipment are the primary encounters of the industries that undergo the process of cutting metals while the drilling process is being done. So, the parameters for the rock that needs to be cut must be selected and its results should be calculated, at a pace that the quality of the needed surface is maintained. Therefore statistical design of experiments is made handy and pretty broad, which indicates the activity of scheduling under experiments. This leads to the exact analysis of information by statistical techniques, which results in worthless and impartial finishing. Our work expresses a study and determination of the parameters that are involved in the process, like diameter of the drill bit, speed and feed, which shows effects on the surface finish and the Material Removal Rate (MRR) in the drilling process which is a radial one to attain an improved finish in the surface. Our experiment’s design was based on the Response Surface Methodology abbreviated as RSM and the analysis of variance which is abbreviated as ANOVA was implemented to find the consequence of the parameters that are used in the process which acts for the purpose of the surface finish and the rate involved in the removal of the material. By using the regression analysis, the coefficients were measured. With the help of these coefficients, the construction of the model is done. By using the Fisher’s test, the model constructed was examined for its capability. This test was done at 95 percent of level of confidence. MINITAB 14 was found handy to plot the main plots and the interaction plots. And also the consequence of several parameters such as surface finish and the MMR were determined.


ANOVA, MINITAB, MRR, RSM, Fisher’s test.

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