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CAME.,   Volume(3) - Issue(1), 2017
pp 1-6,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/came/2017011001

Prediction and Measurement Methods of Thermal Properties in Rock Drilling Process - A Review

S Vijay Kumar;Ch.S.N Murthy, B.M Kunar


Rocks are one of the oldest materials used in human history. Nowadays, since heat transfer from the rock is one of the most discussed topics, it is necessary to determine the thermal properties of the materials. Thermal property is one of the typically used parameters to assess the transfer of heat happening through any solid substance. In our case we have taken rock as a solid substance. The continuous increase in the temperature during the drilling process is generally transformed into heat. Several trials have been made to measure the temperature. The attempts include many functions like, dependent parameters and the independent parameters and also several practical techniques to make a direct calculation of the temperature. Selective predictive and analytical models are made in use to demonstrate the characteristics of drilling parameters like, the speed involved in drilling, torque, the rate of penetration, temperature, the specific energy, etc. Practical techniques involved to mainly calculate or evaluate the outcomes in analytical and experimental ways are not available. Our work offers a review of the logical and practical techniques used to calculate the temperature involved in cutting and drilling the rocks. Diverse approaches that demonstrate varied outcomes are offered in our work. The work of our review is briefed as follows. An approach which makes use of the fibre optic 2 colour pyrometer is explained to calculate the temperature on the cutting edges and the clearance faces on twist drills. To identify the temperature, a thermo vision technique, which makes use of an apparatus named, ISOMET2104 is used. To calculate the thermal conductivity of the given specimen a modified thermal block method is introduced. All these experiments were conducted in dry drilling conditions. Certain experiments were conducted using variety of techniques. All these outcomes were offered in our review as our work. Therefore to frame the thermal nature of the rock, the exact calculation of the thermal properties of rock is pretty commanding. The review of our work shows the different methods to represent the overall parameter of the drilling operation not only in the static condition but also measurement while drilling process will give different way of measurement.


Temperature, Thermal properties, Drilling, Pyrometer, Thermo vision technique.

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