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Research Article

Year : 2016 | Volume: 2 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 12-17

Design and Experimental Analysis of Eliptor Rotor

S Seetharaman1*, S.V Mahesh, T Ganesh, R Sivakumar2

DOI: 10.18831/came/2016011003

Corresponding author

S Seetharaman*

Sundaram Fasteners Limited, Autolec Division, Chennai 600077, India.

  • 1. Sundaram Fasteners Limited, Autolec Division, Chennai 600077, India.

Received on: 2016/08/10

Revised on: 2016/10/25

Accepted on: 2016/11/11

Published on: 2016/11/30

  • Design and Experimental Analysis of Eliptor Rotor, S Seetharaman, S.V Mahesh, T Ganesh, R Sivakumar 2016/11/30, Concurrent Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2(1): 12-17,

    Published on: 2016/11/30


Lubrication of IC engine is mostly done using a generated rotor (gerotor) pumps. The inner and outer gear tooth profiles are described by epitrochoidal (Conventional Gerotor) profile. Due to their compact design, low cost and robustness, gerotor pumps are commonly used for lubrication systems for pumping liquids such as oil, transmission fluid, and fuel. Higher demand of automotive research needs higher efficiency gerotor oil pump. Efficiency of gerotor oil pump can be increased by increasing the pocket volume of gerotor, where increasing the pocket volume can be achieved only by deriving a new gerotor profile. Such an attempt is made here and derived a new gerotor profile using a maximum ellipse inscribed inside the root circle of both internal and external gears while ensuring the smoothness of profile to reduce the friction on rotation. Adopting a maximum ellipse profile and changing the number of tooths with conventional epitrochoidal gerotor boundary gives a minimum of 9% pocket volume raise (pocket volume raise will differ from each and every rotor set since the number of tooth has a major impact on pocket volume) in the new eliptor rotor.


CFD, Gerotor, Eliptor rotor, Gear pumps, Trochoidal rotor.